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About us

Our Mission

Your life is busy.  Convenience is important.  Its important to you and to your children.  Cool Coderz mission is to bring the camp experience to your home saving you time, money (Gas prices anyone?!) and bring an experience unlike any other to your child.  In the spirit of no borders, we unite specialists from around the world to work with children forming friends with others local and abroad.  We bring the global village to your home. 

Welcome to Cool Coderz.


Who We Are

We are a premiere camp where educators come from, well….all over to teach activities they wish they could teach year round in a setting that allows everyone to explore their passions and interests.  We offer a place where teachers can bring cutting edge techniques and offer 21st century skills and edutainment in an atmosphere where the goal of learning is to realize life is fun!

Begun in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, founded by Peter Chan an award winning teacher of 22 years with a specialty in digital pedagogy, Cool Coderz Online Summer Camp was a response to the closures of many traditional camps.  Over the years, its grown to fill a need that was always there.  2022 marks a major expansion that takes Cool Coderz from a coding focus to a mission to offer fun in all its forms while learning and playing online with friends from all over.

Going forward, we plan on expanding our live experiences in the summer with activities provided to daycare centres and homes, after school centres all year long.  We believe that the world is ready for the 21st century and the future is now.  With that in mind, Cool Coderz is constantly evolving to provide a premium experience to our community new and old alike.

We are always hiring

With constant expansion comes constant opportunity for educators.  We are looking for experienced teachers with a passion that converts well as an online activity.  We are looking for junior educators with energy interested in supplementing their income and ready to network with an exciting team of educators from across the global village.

Our Team

Bryanna Lama 3D Home Design
Bryanna Lama
3D Home Design
Jeff Pinsky Virtual Theatre
Jeff Pinsky
Virtual Theatre
Marwa Younis Science & Math
Marwa Younis
Science & Math
Catherine Louca What's Your Story?
Catherine Louca
What’s Your Story?
Norah Chandler Zen of Arts and Crafts
Norah Chandler
Zen of Arts and Crafts
Peter Chan Designer & Founder
Peter Chan
Designer & Founder
France Collin Coding for Everyone
France Collin
Coding for Everyone
Jana Naguib The Baking Show!
Jana Naguib
The Baking Show!
Austin Martin Dungeons & Dragons
Austin Martin
Dungeons & Dragons
Robyn Shiller Eat Play Love
Robyn Shiller
Eat Play Love
Peter Chan

We look forward to meeting!

If you do have any last minute questions, make sure to click on our FAQ and of course, feel free to send us a quick note.  We are typically very quick about writing you back.

Finally you can always call us:
(438) 300 – 2797

Cool Academy is a part of the Canada 12307961 Inc. family.  We are a small business who believes in giving back.