Online summer camp activities – Grades 2 to 11!

Cool Coderz brought a premium experience for the summer of 2020.  
We are organizing well in advance to offer you everything you have come to expect, just more of it and for longer.
Early Registration will begin in February.  Register below if you would like to be on our early bird reminder list.

This is NOT your normal summer camp!

Our teachers are REAL certified TEACHERS!  You are paying for a professional service from an experienced teacher with a unique skill.  Being online allows us to literally search the world for the best teachers in their trade.  Welcome to Cool Coderz, an amazing social experience that your child will never forget!

This was last year

This year:

  • We are doubling the activities

  • offering a whole new experience (so much better than Zoom)

  • Running 3 sessions (6 weeks) instead of 2.

  • Continuing activities throughout the year.

Austin Martin-Likes

Dungeons & Dragons
Master Storyteller!
Hello Adventurers! My name is Austin. Are you ready to explore? I’m a teacher with a passion for adventure! I’m very excited to meet everyone and share Dungeons and Dragons and the stories we make together!

France Collin

Coding Level 1
Game Maker!
Ready. Set. Code! Discover some skills and learn to create some awesome new games on Scratch! Are you ready? I sure am!!​ The possibilities are endless. Let’s have fun designing games together!

Alexandre Gueudry

Art Attack!
Imaginative Illustrator!
Finally my young padawans, we meet! Let the battle for creativity begin! Beginner or advanced, fact or fiction, it doesn’t matter. Complete your training with me, and become the Master Drawer you were meant to be!

Peter Chan

Coding Level 1 & 2
Total Teaching Geek!
Coders are like the wizards of the 21st Century. We can do anything! Are you ready to be a magician with your computer? I can’t wait to show you all the creations we will make together! Let’s get started!

Coding Level 1

Want to learn to make your own games?  How about learn to create online digital art?  Our level 1 program will have you making games in Scratch by the end of 2 weeks.  France Collin and Peter Chan know what young excited starters need and her energy will want you coming back for more!  Coding is core to the camp and is the ultimate in 21st century STEM activities.  

Morning activity (week 3 & 4)
taught by:
France Collin
Afternoon activity (
week 1 & 2)
taught by:
Peter Chan.

Only a few spots remaining!

Art Attack!

The pen finally meet the sword!
Take your drawings to the next level with a series of lessons on character design! From basic
techniques to more advanced studies of body types, clothes, armors, accessories, weapons, and magic! From the depths of your imagination to the tip of your pencil, who knows which
creatures will come to life? A noble shield maiden from a forgotten realm or a cybernetic
minotaur from a distant future?

Morning activity (Available week 1 & 2)
taught by:
Alexendre Gueudry


D & D

Online immersive play with sound and images from a master story teller.  Ever wanted to be a hero?  A wizard?  A magical warrior?  Now is your chance.  Using professional tools on the website, your experience will be complete.  Austin offers 2 different levels aimed at different ages, a storyline that is aimed at high schoolers and another that is more appropriate for elementary school aged children.  This will be an experience you will not forget!

Morning & Afternoon activity all weeks
taught by:
Austin Martin-Likes

This event is exploding with interest.  Only a few remaining spots in our afternoon session starting July 20th!

Coding Level 2

Our level 2 program will take you further in Scratch, introduce you to Python, the world’s most used language as well as Twine, creating interactive stories and multimedia games online (beginning the exploration of web design), and more!

Afternoon activity (week 3 & 4)
taught by:
Peter Chan.

Reopening to allow a larger group given demand!

and more…

All of our activities have breaks from the screen, intermissions and movement built in to avoid the unhealthy elements of working on a computer too long.  Your health and safety is our primary concern and the reason for our featured online summer camp.

As Always, a portion of all profits is given to
Food Banks Canada
to support those impacted by CoViD-19. 
Last year we donated $800.00 to Food Banks Canada.  This year, our goal is $3000.00

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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2, 4 or 6 weeks of fun

July 5th – August 13th, 2021

Power of the Internet

We offer activities, not possible in a traditional camp

Amazing courses!

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Licensed Teachers!

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Camp operates Monday to Friday,
9 am to 3 pm EST,
lunch break from 11:30 – 12:30

Thank you for making 2020 such a success and we know you will be excited about our offerings for the summer of 2021.

New staff, new digs, new technology.  Means more of what you have come to expect:  Great services, great experiences for kids and a memory of a lifetime.

Any Questions?

We want you to be certain of your decision making and so if you have any questions lacking answers it would be our pleasure to help you in any way we can.  We typically respond to messages within a few hours.

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